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After Mary Winchester was killed John searched for answers, eventually bringing him to Missouri Mosley. Missouri, a psychic, provided what answers she could to John. But she believed it was more than a random act of evil. Winchesterwas steadfast in his desire to understand what had taken his wife and he persisted in questioning Missouri. He wanted to understand what was behind the curtain.   Missouriintroduced him to Pastor Jim Murphy and The Brotherhood, a secretive group of men and women brought together by the age old battle of good and evil. Its actual beginnings were shrouded in mystery, but most believe its roots lay as far back as the time of the Knights of the Round Table. Jim Murphy saw a promise in John Winchester, a willingness to fight, a desire to protect the innocent. Although fueled by revenge for his wife's death, John's potential was undeniable. The pastor recognized an opportunity-a moment of chance he could not let slip through his fingers.  

 Around the same time Mary Winchester was murdered, Missourihad a vision of a young man-another powerful psychic. Caleb Reaves was thirteen and found himself facing murder charges for the horrific deaths of his foster parents. Police found the presence of sulfur a fact they discounted, but one that was of interest to Bobby Singer and Daniel Elkins. The boy was placed in a psychiatric institution where Jim Murphy sent Dr. Mackland Ames to interview him. Mackland Ames had only been involved in The Brotherhood for a short time, acquiring telekinetic abilities of his own after a car accident that left him in a coma for several months. The wealthy neurosurgeon became acquainted with Missouriafter helping the FBI with a missing person's case in Kansas . Missourihad also been brought in by the victim's parents and the woman soon discovered an ally in Mackland. She in turn introduced him to Jim Murphy and The Brotherhood. Mackland followed Jim's wishes, his interest in Caleb purely scientific. But the pastor had a soft spot for the boy, convincing Mackland he was a danger not only to himself, but to others, if he continued on untrained. The doctor became quickly ensnared by the traumatized teen, adopting him as his own son in later months. Daniel Elkins believed Caleb to be a risk. Elkins had researched Caleb's family, traced his lineage back to a great grandfather, Noah Seaver. Seaver was a preacher in the late 1800's who became consumed with the idea of immortality. He led his congregation, which historians would later relate to a cult into the art of necromancy. Seaver had enough information to be dangerous, using an antiquity of great power to summon a fierce fire demon. Members of The Brotherhood of that time believed the demon possessed Seaver to walk among the humans. The possessed man had a son with Seaver's wife, Thomas Seaver. Half-demon, half human. Later, piecing together reports from the journals of past hunters, Elkins believed Thomas Seaver and his mother, Lily, were the only two people to survive a horrible fire at Noah's church, reportedly started by the preacher himself. Twenty-two men, women and children, including Noah, were burned to death. But a credible witness swore he had seen Seaver's wife leaving town the next day, her young son in tow. A Cecily Reaves came to the attention of The Brotherhood in later years when she and her daughter-in-law were found with their throats slit. Thomas Reaves was never heard from again and his young son, Isaac, was placed in an orphanage. 

  Years later, Isaac murdered his wife, Amelia and killed himself. They were survived only by their six-year-old son, Caleb. Jim feared for the boy's safety, knowing that hunters had a low tolerance for anything or anyone even remotely related to the dark-side of their world. He felt no hint of anything evil in the boy, but instead sensed a hurt and thirst for justice he had seen in John Winchester. It seemed fitting that he bring the two together to let John mentor the boy. And if it were true that both of them were linked to the monster that tore their lives apart, their bond might be the very thing to defeat the beast. Or at least the bond between Caleb and John's young sons could. The timely meetings were too connected to be of mere chance. Jim sent Mackland Ames to coach John Winchester in the ways of The Brotherhood and despite their diverse backgrounds the men found common footing in their dedication to the fight. So much so that Jim as The Guardian chose Mackland to be The Scholar and John to be the Knight. This Triad made up of a preacher, a doctor, and a soldier was uncommon as usually The Triad grows up together and bonds over time. Jim vowed never to allow The Brotherhood to find itself in the same position again. He began to prepare the next generation's Triad-Sam as The Scholar, Caleb as The Knight and Dean as The Guardian-in one possible scenario. The boys were shielded from their positions for the most part. 

 Caleb knows he is the next Knight. Sam figured out he is the next Scholar by reading the hunters' journals found in Jim's library (nicknamed The Hunter's Tomb) . Dean has also realized he is the next Guardian. Both Winchesters are purposefully remaining oblivious.

They have not been officially told by Mackland, who after the death of Jim and John still remains in power. That Triad will dissolve upon either his death or retirement. It will be up to him to decide when the next Triad should come to power. There is another faction within The Brotherhood which does not want the next generation to come to power. This faction is led by Griffin. He has set plans into motion to achieve those goals.


Frequently Asked Questions about the Brotherhood AU Series

1. Are we ever going to find out what happened to Caleb with Duran?

Answer: Never say never, but at this point what you need to know is that Caleb can read minds and at 14 he was very uncomfortable with Duran's lecherous thoughts. That is how far it went -nothing more. As a boy, and new to The Brotherhood he didn't feel he had any power to talk to the other hunters about someone in their ranks. There was an incident where Duran left Caleb behind on a hunt. He was rescued by Bobby. This was mentioned in The Line also.

2. Why are Ian and Silas still hanging around after they helped kidnap and torture Sam, Dean, and Caleb?

Answer: Ian and Silas were never seen in the kidnapping story. They were never suspects as Silas worked with John and Bobby quite often over the years. Ian and Silas were only seen with Griffin in the story The Best and Worst of Times/Charge Their Doings. They cover their tracks well, and it is quite possible they may have been involved with Griffin even then. They have come in Who Your Friends Are to deliver a message.

3. If Dean's coming into knowledge about him being the guardian, is there going to be a moment where they all sit down and officilize it?

Answer: Yes, Dean knows he is the next Guardian, but it won't be official until Mackland Ames tells them (Sam and Dean) and at this point they rather play ignorant. Yes, Mackland will tell them.

4. Is John really back?

Answer: No, not at this point, but you never know. . .because it has been left open ended. If the Lady of the Lake is real then John could have been real too. . .

5. If there is no season 3 will the brotherhood continue?

Answer: Yes! We actually know how we want it all to end too.

Ridley: Many years in the future.

Tidia: With a happy ending.

6. What is the deal with Esme what's her story and her relationship to Mac?

Answer: Hmmm, let's say that there is something between them and we hope to get a chance to show that in a future fic that will just torture Joshua and Caleb.

7. What is the deal with Griffin? When did he try to take over and what is he up to now?

Answer: Griffin is crafty, and more about him will be revealed. He is setting his coup in motion now.

8. In Ridley's story The Line there is were a few underlying, and some not so underlying things that I picked up between Caleb and Duran. I was wondering if there was something slightly sexual that happened between Caleb and Duran because of the way Caleb reacts when Duran does/says things to Dean?

Answer: Remember that Caleb is a mind reader and Duran is a man will low morals. He might allow Duran to have lecherous thoughts about him, but there would be no way he would tolerate the man's sick ideas when it come to Dean or Sam.

9. There was another bit about his and Caleb's relationship, I'm not recalling which story but I think Caleb was having a nightmare and said Duran's name?

Answer: In The Best and Worst of Times Caleb is having a nightmare.

Ridley: I don't know if this will ever come into play again. But just to reiterate, Duran is a bad, bad man.

Tidia: We have to remember to use Duran again.

10. i have a question in ridleys sneak preview it says something about griffin putting the boys in danger, i wanted to know if we have actually heard anything that related to that so far ??

Answer: There has been mention that as children the boys were kidnapped.

11. I just have a quick question about the Brotherhood AU stories. In the Christmas special ËœThe Best and Worst of Times, Griffin notes about Sam that with the right guidance, he would make a strong Scholar. But the more recent stories such as Who your friends are and pin and the fork and synergy imply that factions within the Brotherhood are moving against Sam, Dean and Caleb heading up the New Triad. I was wondering if you could clear up this inconsistency.

Answer: Griffin is stating the idea that Sam is powerful and if he had been under his tutelage then perhaps he would have supported him as the next Scholar.

Ridley: Griffin still holds an inkling of hope that Sam could be turned to see things his way. He sees him as a kindred spirit of sorts-and likes a challenge.

12. I'm completely lost! Is there a timeline somewhere that could explain what is going on and what has been revealed so far? I'm not sure I'm finding all the stories that have been posted and the ones that are tied together and I don't know what order they go in, so while I'm really interested in this AU I can't figure out what's going on!

Answer: Click here for list.

13. How in the world did John become the knight? When did he first make contact with the Brotherhood? Did Missouri send him over or what?

Answer: Missouri led John to The Brotherhood. Jim picked John as the next Knight. It was Elkins until he went a bit crazy. That generation (Jim, John and Mackland) are an unusual Triad because usually The Triad grows up together, but it will be explained in Interwoven, an upcoming fic why this Triad is different.

14. I've wondered for a while if the Brotherhood has any female hunters in it. I know Ridley mentioned a woman named Manuela in Phoenix, but I wasn't sure if she was a hunter or more spy sort of function, and I know Missouri is considered a high ranking member, but out of curiosity I'm just wondering if there are woman running around hunting things and wearing rings.

Answer: Yes, there are woman hunters. We have mentioned some behind the scene women, and they are all trained. At some point we may add more of a hunter type.

Ridley: In no form or fashion will The Brotherhood ever condone the use of women as a Mary Sue. It's fun to play with characters like Dr. McCoy, Esme, and we have toyed with the idea of a woman trucker, who has a cute history with Bobby and Carolyn research assistant who has a total crush on Joshua. If there are women hunters they will not be named after states or be better at the boys in everything and there will be no overt romantic relationships. They will be smart, capable and completely minor characters which add to the richness of the story. It's all about the boys.

Tidia: Carolyn and Emily (although she may undergo a name change) were mentioned in Spirited Beings. I'm just saying that I'm a bit of a romantic and .I was lucky to let Rachel have a few months with Caleb.

15. What's the importance of water? Will Sam, Caleb or Mac ever find out about her or will it be the Gaudian's secret? When will Dean find out he owns Jim's place? What's going on with the hunters trying to take over the brotherhood (damn them!)?

Answer: Water is important and more clues will be given about it. Sam, Caleb and Mac will never know The Guardian's secret. Dean is a wanted man right now, perhaps when he can settle down it will then be revealed that he owns Jim's place. The other hunters are trying to take over because they do not support the next Triad.

16. How did Mac and John earn their positions as Scholar and Knight in the Brotherhood? How did they earn their rings, for that matter?

Answer: Jim as The Guardian chose them. They joined The Brotherhood late, finding the secret group through Missouri, and they were bestowed the rings in an accelerated manner, not for any act like Caleb, Sam, Dean and some of the other hunters.

17. how long has the Brotherhood been around, how did it start and who founded it, I take they were the original Triad?

Answer: Supposedly The Brotherhood dates back to the time of the round table. It has always been around in one form or another, and some times it is needed more than other times.

18. I have a question- when was it decided that Dean, Caleb and Sam would take over as the new generation of the triad?

Answer: Jim put that all in motion with the support of Mackland and John. The question should be was John doing it for selfish reasons. Caleb was old enough to know what he was getting into, but Dean and Sam were babies.

19. Is there a story that tells us about Caleb's childhood and being found and adopted by Mac? Naturally, I am picking up bits and pieces of the story, but I would love to read the full tale, if it has been written at this point.

Answer: Williamson Scott is writing a fic called Stranded, but there is also a summary above that should help you.

Is there a story that deals specifically with Pastor Jim's death?

Answer: It was mentioned in A Noble Obligation. There is not a specific story at this time.

I had a question that isn't really related to the stories - I just wondered whether you guys could elaborate on who the actual actors/models/whatever are on the Hunters Tomb site for the Brotherhood characters. I mean, Morgan Freeman is obvious, but I don't know which show/whatever the images of Caleb and Joshua come from.

Answer: We have Victor Webster playing Caleb. We saw him in Must Love Dogs, and then after finding his name we learned he was in Charmed and Mutant X. It also started the hotness factor in The Brotherhood. Josh is Gabriel Aubry. He is a male model, best known for Hugo Boss ads and as Halle Berry's boyfriend. Halle is a lucky girl.

22. In Who Your Friends Are, Ian is talking about Caleb's grandfather summoning the demon that killed Mary. Is that going to be explained in further stories?

Answer: Yes, it will be explained further, and it is also in the summary.

Also, in On the Wings of a Phoenix, Jim and John are talking and they mention that there were two candidates for the knight and that Jim chose Caleb over the other person. Who was the other person?

Answer: Do you really want to be spoiled? It will be in To the Victor Go the Spoils coming late this summer.

23. I don't really understand why his (Caleb) father killed his mother. You alluded that they were in an argument, and I was wondering about the details. Wondering if you two are gonna get into the details of that in a different story or something.

Answer: The reason why Isaac killed his wife, Amelia, is part of the mystery. The idea has been he was probably possessed. Caleb saw it, but since he was a child locked the memory away.

24. I didn't really get his heritage. so, he's half demon right? but, how did that happen? was his grandpa a demon, or his father, or what?

Answer: The half-demon came from Heroes, and that story is being re-edited. Caleb is not half-demon. And the summary has this filled in a little more.

25. I was just wondering, in your story Valuables you mention that Caleb came to visit Sam at Stamford, could you tell me in which one of your fics that event actually occurs? I've been searching all over the place, and I just can't seem to find it.

Answer: This hasn't been written yet.

Tidia: This is the infamous New Mexico fic. I am on Ridley for this because I really want it written.



Question: Will you continue to write?

Answer: Yes, we will go back into the past writing pre-series and well into the future.  We probably will not write present show time because it doesn't sound like where we want to go.  But, never say never. The future stories will be on the Hunters Tomb website because there will be stories that do not directly involve Dean or Sam.   Please go to the Legacy Series to see the future Triad stories.


Question: What happens when James go back to his time?

Answer: Bad, bad things, but Sam changes it when he destroysThe Vangelo.  See Between Family.


Question: What is the impact of the future being changed?

Answer:  Well, The Triad of Dean, Sam and Caleb will remain The Triad for awhile longer to truly become the longest running Triad.  This gives JT more time to be a Red Sox player, which was really important to Ridley and Tidia.


Question: What was your reaction to the ending on the show?

Answer: What?! What can we do with that? That didn't make sense.  Sadly, it is like the 4th season didn't exist and Dean wasn't even needed. He's The Guardian!  So we changed the ending to work for us.   


Question:  What was it like writing this?

Answer:  We started planning this last summer (2009) and knew it was going to be about Sam, and we also had fallen in love with our future characters and wanted to still be able to write about them.  So, we came up with time travelat first it was all three Triad members, but then it came down to Sam and James. 


As we worked our way through the pentalogy and saw what the show was doing, we started to realize we would no longer be able to write within the confines of the show.  We thought this would be our Brotherhood culmination.