Rites of Passage

By Tidia

Disclaimer: Eric Kripke for creating Supernatural and Ridley for creating The Brotherhood


Chapter 2/4

Joshua sat in the passenger seat of his father's Lincoln Town Car. The twenty year old had completed his junior year at The College of William and Mary in Virginia. He was going to spend time with his grandmother in Arizona, then get an internship at a local public relations firm, but Harland had other ideas. There were hunts, and he had made arrangements for Joshua to join Ian and Fischer while Harland and Silas Fox tended to another hunt.

Joshua enjoyed hunting, but his father put him on edge, and did not allow him to rely on his mother's teachings. However, this time Harland's displeasure was directed towards the new Knight.

Daniel Elkins had deteriorated to the point he had become a recluse. It was the right of the Guardian to replace The Knight and Scholar, and Jim had taken advantage of his position. When Victor Stephen retired he was replaced with Mackland Ames and just yesterday a new Knight had been installed.

"What has Mackland Ames done for us? The Brotherhood? The position should have been Griffin's. Hell, he should have been The Guardian."

Joshua should have told his father that Jim was an excellent Guardian. The young hunter learned it was better to listen than to remark if there was to be peace between the two Sawyers.

"Now, this stranger-John Winchester. Former Marine. Worked with him once and I wasn't that impressed."

This should have been the time when Joshua said, 'It should have been you, Dad.' Again, the younger Sawyer remained silent and looked out the window at the passing Kentucky scenery.

He felt his father's eyes on him, and straightened his lanky frame. "Boy, you better smarten up. Be sharp. I'm expecting you to get your ring soon."

"Yes, Dad." Joshua nodded.

They pulled up to Jim Murphy's farmhouse. In the driveway was a Chevrolet Impala and Ian's green Ford Explorer. Joshua got out of the car, grabbed his gear and his father's from the trunk. He waved to Ian and Fischer, sitting lazily on the tailgate.

He brought his father's bag to him and heard the exchange between Harland and what Joshua assumed was the infamous new Knight, John Winchester.

"Congratulations, John." Harland stretched out his hand with a congenial smile.

"Thank you, Harland." John accepted the seemingly cordial congratulations.

"This is my son, Joshua."

Joshua extended his hand after making a quick assessment of the gruff man. "Nice to meet you." He felt his hand fold under Winchester's unrelenting grip of a handshake.

"John has two boys." Harland continued. "David and Sam."

Joshua's initial assumption had been incorrect. John Winchester did not give off a fatherly vibe.

Pastor Jim cleared his throat. "Dean and Sam," he corrected. "They're at the zoo with the Bible study class. Perhaps you'll be able to meet them later. However, Caleb is here."

"Mackland's adopted boy?" Harland looked around.

Joshua knew his father was curious. Joshua had met the boy already, and was ambivalent. He had heard the gossip, Pastor Jim was favoring Caleb Reaves and rumors abounded about the teen's extensive psychic abilities. To Joshua, Caleb Reaves was just a wise ass teenager.

"His son, yes." Jim replied "Mackland had some engagements and Caleb is staying with me for the interim."

"Junior!" John yelled out.

Pastor Jim winced at the loud voice.

Caleb Reaves made his appearance, exiting through the porch doors with two dogs on his heels. His hair was longer than the last time Joshua has seen him, chin level. He wore jeans, and a well worn t-shirt. He jutted his chin at Joshua.


"Hey," Joshua replied with a nod. "Caleb Reaves, this is my father, Harland Sawyer."

The elder Sawyer held out his hand in greeting. "Heard a lot about you, boy."

Caleb glanced to John before accepting the handshake. "Yeah, it's all true."

John slapped the back of Caleb's head playfully. The teen immediately patted down his hair.

Joshua felt the slap on his back, and the playful punch Ian gave him to his stomach had some bite to it. Joshua rubbed the spot.

"He coming on the hunt with us, Jim?" Ian gave Caleb the once over.

"Yeah, I want to. . ." Caleb looked at Jim with a coaxing smile.

John frowned and interrupted. "He's working on some stuff for me."

Harland crossed his arms in disapproval. "Got to let the boy from underfoot sometime, John. Be good to get some experience from other hunters. May even pick up a few things."

Joshua heard the challenge in his father's voice.

"I don't want him picking up bad habits." John stated, his voice having a tone of annoyance.

Harland grinned, his charm showing through. He placed a hand on Ian's shoulder. "I helped train these boys myself."

"Jim?" Caleb asked for the pastor's attention.

The dogs gathered around The Guardian's leg, and everyone waited for his decision. "Joshua, will you watch him?"

Joshua fidgeted as all eyes went to him. He didn't want the burden, but his father had pushed the situation. "Sure, Jim."

Harland clapped Ian on the back, happy he won the battle of the wills. "An easy salt and burn according to the boys. They'll be back in a day. I'm meeting Silas for our imbroglio."

"Grab your stuff." Ian gestured with his chin to Caleb. "We're leaving in a few minutes."

Caleb returned in five minutes, Rayban sunglasses in place. Joshua shook his head. The teen had been prepared. Caleb stood next to John.

"You sure you got everything?" Winchester looked at the bag. "You take the PPK?"

Ian had moved over to stand next to Joshua. He was the same height as Joshua, but his hair was darker and shorter. More importantly, Ian had received his ring last year on his twenty-first birthday. Ian snorted. "You got to be kidding me," he mumbled under his breath, but Joshua smirked at the sentiment.

Caleb zippered the duffel to show John the contents. "Yeah, and I packed extra holy water too, Johnny. Don't worry."

Winchester placed a hand on Reaves's shoulder. "I worry, kid. Mackland's not here and I like to keep the good doctor happy."

Caleb rolled his eyes. "Mac knows I can handle myself. You taught me everything I need to know."

"Not everything." John narrowed his eyes and glared at Ian and Joshua.

"Touching really, but we're burning daylight." Ian snapped his fingers, and pointed to Fisher and the Explorer. The older boy tugged at Joshua and then walked away from the hunters towards the vehicle.

Reaves pulled away from Winchester. "Tell Deuce I'll catch up with him later." He waved to Jim and John, and jogged to the other boys keeping in time with their step.

"Have fun, boys." Harland called out.

"Be careful." Jim added.

Joshua smiled. Some time away from his normal existence of school and with the boys hunting would be fun. The dogs were still following Caleb.

"Can we lose the dogs?" Hastings flicked a look at Pastor Jim's pets.

"Yeah." Caleb stopped and whistled. "Home."

The dogs retreated to their owner.

The tailgate was open. Joshua placed his backpack inside as did Caleb. Ian was the driver, Fisher in the passenger seat leaving Joshua and Caleb in the backseat. They pulled away, Pastor Jim's farm in the distance with John watching from the porch.

Fisher turned around in his seat. "You've been hunting before-right?"

"Yeah." Caleb shrugged his nonchalance. "John's taken me a couple of times."

"Hmmm…it'll be good to see you in action, training with the Knight and all." Fisher commented with a snicker.

"Reaves, the pecking order here is that I'm in charge." Ian looked in the rearview mirror, keeping his eyes away from the road. A car honked as he swerved slightly over the line. "You got that?"

"Yeah, I got it." Caleb affirmed.

"Pay attention to the road, Ian and put the radio up." Joshua leaned forward so he was in the middle of the front seat and reached for the radio.

Ian pushed Joshua's hand out of the way, and twisted the knob of the radio. A Garth Brooks song came through the speaker system.

Joshua wasn't a country music fan. "Whatever," Joshua replied and returned to looking out the window.

"So all I know is that it is a salt and burn. You know the whole 'Be Prepared.'" Caleb quipped. "What's the intel?"

"We'll tell you what you need to know when we get there." Fisher looked at Ian as he answered the teen.

"Can you clue me in?" Joshua asked. He had been picked up at school by his father and given no information. He packed the basics, believing that Fisher and Ian would have anything else he would need.

"Sawyer, you're the man, not like we're going to keep you outta the loop." Fisher laughed.

"Haunted house in Ohio. We need to do a clean sweep. The body's buried on the premises so it's all easy. Nothing we can't handle." Ian explained with lazy confidence. Then the older hunter growled, and slammed on the brakes, lurching everyone forward. Ian turned around and pointed at Caleb. "Don't read my mind. Ever."

"What was he trying to do?" Joshua backed away from the teen, and eyed him suspiciously.

"Freak was trying to read my mind." Hastings growled. "I trained with Griffin Porter. He taught me a few things." He stared at Reaves in a battle of the wills.

Caleb glanced away. "Shit happens. I didn't mean to. Won't happen again."

Satisfied, Ian gave a curt nod. He rolled down the window and lifted his middle finger to the cars honking their horns.

"Better not happen again." Fisher added, and as the car started to move he clipped in his seatbelt.

"Pussy. I'm not going to get anyone killed." Ian gestured to the seatbelt.

Joshua studied the teen. He understood the awkwardness of the situation. It was rare he used his mother's ways on a hunt. "Everyone knows about your psychic abilities." He stated low enough for just Caleb to hear. "Don't flaunt them."

"I didn't." Caleb muttered.

Joshua shrugged. He tried. "Fine."

The country songs continued playing. It was a two hour drive from Jim's home, and the conversation turned to a popular theme amongst the young men.

"You must be getting some action at that fancy college, Sawyer." Fisher drawled as he accentuated his Southern accent.

Joshua gave a low chuckle, showing pride in his prowess without really having to say anything. "You know how it is."

"No," Ian retorted. "We don't bang the co-eds on a regular basis, college boy."

Sawyer squirmed. As much as he wanted to be a 'good ole boy' with his friends, he was reminded he was different.

Caleb, who Joshua assumed was asleep, interjected. "I'm surprised you get any action."

"Whoaaa," Fisher and Joshua exclaimed at the teen's comment.

"Like you do." Ian snorted.

"Yeah, I do." Caleb crossed his arms looking smug. "I'm sure I've got more autographs in my little black book."

"Pff, guess those girls don't know about your dirty little secret." Ian insinuated, but didn't continue along the same line for his insult. "Or is that little book filled with Toms and Dicks."

Joshua covered his mouth as Caleb pulled his black book from his back pocket.

"Deanna, Janice, Christine. . ."

"What the hell is he doing?" Ian asked.

Joshua snatched the book from the teen's hand. "Reading the entries in his book. Laura, Amy, Beth, Donna. . .Damn, Ian. You should take this kid with you. He could be your lucky charm." Joshua threw the book back at Caleb.

"Not likely. From what I've heard he just attracts trouble." Hastings answered. He stretched his arms out on the steering wheel.

Joshua didn't understand the reference, and didn't push the issue. Ian would share when he felt like it.

Finally, they reached their destination. They got out of the vehicle. Joshua was going to the tailgate to get his stuff when Fisher stopped him, shaking his head.

"Get the stuff from the car, Reaves." Ian ordered as he stood near his friends.

"That's not my job." Caleb opened the back door, went to grab his bag, and turned his back on the trio.

Ian stepped forward and grabbed the teen by the shoulders, turning him around. "You're not Pastor Jim's Golden Boy here. Your job is what I tell you it is."

"What about pulling your own weight?" Reaves scoffed, shrugging Hastings's hands off of him.

"You're working with the big boys now, Reaves. The Winchester brats aren't around and we're not so impressed by you." Hastings crossed his arms, making a stand.

"Leave Dean and Sam out of this." Caleb growled and stepped toe to toe with Ian.

Joshua glanced at Fisher, wondering if they should intercede. But Fisher was watching the proceedings with interest.

Ian glanced over his shoulder to the other young men, then returned his gaze to the teen. "Touchy, touchy. Does Winchester put up with this backtalk?"

"Right." Caleb took a step back, exhaled and grabbed the additional bags around his arms.

"Fair is fair." Joshua commented as he was led up the path to the Varney home.

"Maybe in your world." Caleb huffed and followed behind.

The house was located off the road in a secluded area. They parked one hundred feet away in some trees, to disguise the vehicle in case there were passerbys on the road.

Ian barked out the scenario. "Work in pairs." He pointed to Joshua and Fisher. "You two dig up the grave, and we'll go in and take care of the spirit."

Reaves frowned. "Wouldn’t it be better to toast the grave first? That's how John. . ."

"Winchester isn’t here. You need a review of the pecking order here, Freak?" Hastings stated, then pointed for the teen to follow him. Caleb dropped the bags.

Joshua and Fisher grabbed their duffels and put together the collapsible shovels. They began digging the old, hard grave situated on the side of the house. The blond hunter tried to listen in on what was happening inside the house, but Fisher was rambling about some matter and it was difficult to hear both conversations fully.

However, a yelp caught their attention.

"Dig faster!" Joshua prompted Fisher as they doubled their efforts.

Ian's voice clearly came through. "Fuck!"

Sawyer's shovel hit the hardness of the coffin. They scraped away the dirt, and then used the sides of the shovels as axes to break through the wood. Finally, they reached the skeletal remains. Fisher jumped out, racing for the kerosene.


The older hunter removed the cap, and haphazardly wet the body. Joshua dropped in a book of matches, then another one to accelerate the process.

Both of them ran to the house, finding Ian in heap on one side of the room and Caleb on the other side, sitting against the wall. Fisher went over to Ian, while Joshua went to assist Caleb.

Joshua placed out his hand, offering it to the teen. "What happened?"

Caleb accepted the hand and came to standing with a groan. "Varney's ghost got pissed, and threw us in the air. I told you that was not a good move. . ."

Fisher had brought Ian to his feet, no worse for the wear Hastings in three long strides came over to where Caleb was standing. "Freak's telling me I'm wrong."

"I'm not a freak." Reaves jutted his chin. "You're wrong again."

Ian's face prickled with redness. He jabbed his finger into the teen's chest. "You. Don't. Talk. To. Me. That. Way."

Caleb sighed and looked down at the finger. He then glanced up with a lazy smile. "Which way should I talk to you? Smaller words?"

"Enough with the smart mouth," Joshua said as he stood behind the teen. "Let's just clean up, get back on the road. . . "

Ian interrupted. "Spending too much time with those Winchester brats is making you soft. Can't protect them forever. They'll be inducted soon enough. . ." Ian smiled and gave a nod to Fisher who returned the grin.

Caleb pushed Ian, sending him back a few steps. "Don't you touch them. Ever. You're not allowed to talk to them." To emphasis his point he swung at a surprised Ian sending him stumbling to his knees.

Joshua reacted instinctively, restraining the teen and pulling him away from Ian. Hasting wiped the blood from his lip away and stood up, a smile fixed on his face. He backfisted the teen.

"We should be hunting you." Ian said as he connected an uppercut to Caleb's stomach.

Sawyer still held Reaves as he struggled, using his feet to retaliate.

"Hunting me? You're fucked, man." Caleb moved his shoulders, fighting Joshua's grasp. "Do you know that?"

"Playing innocent?" Ian punched the teen's stomach again.

Caleb coughed. "Oh, I'm far from innocent. And you hit like a girl"

Hastings licked his lips. "That's right. Your grandfather conjured the famous yellow-eyed demon. Got your grandma pregnant and the lineage leads right to you. They say the blood tells. . ."

Joshua felt the teen slacken in his grip at the revelation of his lineage.

"Hold him!" Fisher yelled out as he joined the fray and added a right hook to Caleb's face. "Damn, so your blood is red, figured it would be black."

"Same demon that's after the Winchester family, killed his wife. Wonder if he knows that?" Ian brought his right hand around then connected with his elbow to Caleb's nose. "Daniel Elkins told us all about you. . ."

Joshua saw the splattering of blood from Caleb's nose. He released the teen.

Reaves went to his knees.

“And if those two Winchester brats knew, I wonder what they would think about you? Probably hate you.”

Reaves slumped to the floor.

"Ian! That's enough!" Joshua said as he gathered his wits about him, and realized Caleb was not fighting back.

Ian reddened at the reprimand, Caleb forgotten, he pushed Joshua. It was unexpected, and Joshua stumbled to the floor.

"I say when it's enough."

Ian and Fisher redoubled their efforts kicking the downed teen.

Joshua got to his feet, scared they were going to kill the teen. “He’s not moving.”

It caught the attention of both young men. Fisher wiped his mouth with the back of his hand. Ian cocked his head and studied the bloodied teen. He crouched down, lifted Caleb's head by pulling his hair and bent low near the teen's ear.

Joshua couldn’t make out what was being whispered. He saw as Ian forced the teen to nod, and then playfully slapped his face.

"He needs help. I don't want to have to explain to the new Knight that his prized pupil died on your watch." Sawyer bent down to help the bloodied boy. "Because I am not going to take the blame."

Ian's brow rose, and he slowly stood up. "You might have a point, Sawyer."

Joshua looked up, disgusted in Ian's lack of urgency. "Can you get the car? I don't want to have to carry him."

"Fine." Ian pulled on Fisher's arm and the two walked out the door of the Varney home.

Caleb was bleeding from his lip, his nose and Joshua ghosted the teen's body, knowing there was more damage. Joshua dipped his finger in the blood dripping from Caleb's nose. He drew a pentagram on the teen's hand in one fluid moment, saying the protection blessing his grandmother taught him when he was a child. It would provide some fortification from the wicked.


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